My two main methods of working are excavation and obscuring.

In my cut book pieces I’ve extracted the extraneous text leaving only specific images exactly where they were originally located. This creates a collage that was ever-present in the book and which I just assist in revealing. The pages of the textblock are sealed shut so that only the cover opens. This offers easy storage of the pieces with the rest of your library when you are not interested in viewing them. I never know exactly how these biblio-excavations will visually culminate and it’s an exciting process to watch them divulge themselves.

I also work in what I consider a more traditional collage sense. Using a variety of paper based materials, slide film, photographic prints and negatives, create both abstract and narrative work. I layer, eclipse, and obfuscate images in hopes of creating visually interesting situations.

I was born in York, Pennsylvania and now reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I attended Tyler School of Art graduating with a BFA in Sculpture and a minor in Art History.

 Instagram: @biblioexcavations